Jane Cantin

Janie is an accomplished and multi-talented design professional.  She has experience on a wide range of projects, ranging from private gardens, rural, urban and historic properties and adaptive reuse.  Janie is design savvy and detail oriented, creating thoughtful spaces that are not only personalized and functional but also exceptional. Janie's ability to balance the natural characteristics of the site with the demands of the architectural program is an outgrowth of her background in both architecture and landscape architecture, horticulture, art history and drawing. 

Janie has worked in design offices in Virginia, New York City and England.  

She received degrees from Tulane University and the University of Georgia.  Her continuing education includes garden studies throughout the United States and Europe.

Outside of the office, Janie serves on the Norfolk Commission on the Arts and Humanities for the City of Norfolk, Virginia.

Besotted with nature from an early age, Janie enjoys sailing and hiking.  Sketching, painting and taking pictures. Cooking and eating from the garden.